Monday, November 2, 2015

#MusicMondays Organized Noize on Stankonia & OutKast's "So Fresh, So Clean"

This Halloween marked 15 years since OutKast released Stankonia, their certified quadruple-platinum Grammy-winning fourth album. So while we were kicking it with Organized Noize inside Stankonia Studios for Rhythm Roulette, we had to find out how OutKast’s millennial tour-de-force came together. When Organized Noize worked on “Waterfalls” by TLC, or new tracks by Goodie Mobb and OutKast, they did so at Bobby Brown’s studio Boss Town.

Over the years, OutKast recorded so many of their biggest songs there that they bought the place and renamed it Stankonia. While most of that 2000 album was self-produced by Organized Noize and Mr. DJ (aka Earthtone), Organied Noize brought their signature funk to the hit single “So Fresh, So Clean.” Rico and Sleepy recall how the hook came to Rico, appropriately enough, in the shower. And while Big Boi loved the track right away, Three Stacks wasn’t so sure at first. “I knew that it was a record for Big,” says Sleepy. “In my mind it was an OutKast record,” Rico says. “I was surprised.” But then he got a late night call from Andre 3000.

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