Friday, October 2, 2015

Angel Haze | Dark Places + The Eulogy + The Wolves | #BACKTOTHEWOODS

Angel Haze new album express what rap is. Taking you on journeys of emotion and logic. Story telling from an individuals perspective in ones travels and jorneys. I see these songs in movies, tv series, games, etc.


Angel Haze | Dark Places

Angel Haze | The Eulogy

Angel Haze | Wolves

All tracks produced by : Tk Kayembe
All songs written by : Angel Haze
Executive Produced by : Angel Haze & Tk Kayembe
Artwork/Photography by : Dorian Caster
Mixed by : Daniel Lynas & Tk Kayembe
Mastered by : Roman Vail
Mgmt Noizy Cricket!! : le'Roy Benros & Patrick Castelo