Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's Almost Here | SBO and FSS Warm-up | Monster Energy x UDEF | Mason Rose x Silverback

"It's Almost Here - Silverback and Freestyle Session Warm-up" - A Mason Rose Film
Presented by the Pro Breaking Tour -
Sponsored by Silverback Bboy Events - Powered by Monster Energy

Cinematography - Mason Rose

More info about the 2015 tour of dance events in your area:

September 4th & 5th: "Renegade Rockers Anniversary" San Francisco, CA
September 12th: "Southeast Bboy Champs" Asheville, NC
September 20th: "No Holding Back" San Juan, Puerto Rico
September 26th: "LOZ Anniversary" Washington, DC
October 3rd: "Will Forever B-ILL" New York, NY
October 10th & 11th: "The Silverback Open Championships" Wayne, PA
October 17th: "Evolution: NYC" New York, NY
October 24th: "Who Can Roast the Most?" Miami, FL
November 7th & 8th: "Freestyle Session World Finals" Los Angeles, CA
November 21st: "Iphlow 3" Miami, FL
November 21st: "Energy Leve7" New York, NY
November 21st: "Chill in the City" Paris, France
November 28th: "Breaks Kru Anniversary" New York, NY
December 5th: "Phaze II Anniversary" Chicago, IL

................and more dates!