Saturday, August 15, 2015

Apresenta Arte 100 Limite 2015

In the days 04 e July 5, 2015 happened ART 100 LIMIT event in Sapopemba, extreme east of Sao Paulo. - SP SP One of the biggest graffiti event with 74 invited graffiti artists of a great quality left with the Emef Rodrigues school de Carvalho stay with a nicer appearance yet and certainly the Back to School students will have a big surprise to see how great the work was done with all the details. The event yielded many visitors to appreciate the works.

In addition to the Paulistas everywhere SP and Santo André came graffiti PR, MG, RJ, BH and also Chile. This was the first 2015 Year of graffiti event, we aim to accomplish more graffiti four events this year, making who has not participated in the first participate in the next event and let your art to our gallery, we have an estimated 80 to 90 artists who participated in the event where we had numerous high quality work.

Large Event artists national scene, from various corners of the country with an unquestionable infrastructure and a very nice reception. We at Graff Films, enjoyed and had the opportunity to record this great moment.

The ART 100 LIMIT graduated with intention to hold events and graffiti workshops in the community where he lives, there was a very positive acceptance from the community and the students themselves and residents, also in respect of understanding the history of graphite, as well as his art, especially on the walls, where more can be seen and prestigious.

More about the event: http: // ... More information about the project: Site: . "Graff Films is a project for integration and dissemination of art and Brazilian graffiti artists and international calls through Videos"

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