Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Killzone Shadow Fall | The Statue DLC Map | PS4

After a cataclysmic explosion laid waste to their precious monument, the Helghast embarked on the massive task of reconstructing the Scolar Visari memorial statue and the adjacent armory building. While the recreational wing of the facility is largely completed, the armory itself is still covered in scaffolding and building equipment.

Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language


Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept | Co-Op Map Pack | The ATAC Tower & The Canal | PS4

The ATAC Tower: Perched against the inside of the Helghast security wall, the ATAC Tower functions as a hive for the ATAC drones patrolling New Helghan’s borders. The drones have proven to be an effective deterrent against Vektan invaders and Helghast defectors, so the VSA is sending in Intelligence Squad Alpha to secure the tower.

The Canal: Fallen into disuse after the New Helghan government abandoned hydroelectric power, the Canal has become an overgrown riverbed filled with discarded junk and debris. A key VSA informant used one of the abandoned treatment facilities along the banks as a hideout before disappearing, so now it’s up to Intelligence Squad Alpha to send the collected intel back to Vekta

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Razor | Reality Check | Official Music Video

Razor drops visuals for "Reality Check" of his FAITH album. It's been awhile since we've last seen Razor, but his comeback is well worth the wait. Reminding us once again why he is "818's Finest" and one of the illest to touch the mic. This track also features a bit of insight into his future goals and desires that stretch beyond the music. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: http://razor.bandcamp.com

FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1lFvzIm
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/StonedRellim

Directed by: Chad A. Marshall
Contact: http://www.vonpoevii.com

Von Tha G | Young and Restless | Official Music Video

Von Tha G | Young and Restless | Official Music Video
Directed by Q Hefna of Writers Wednesday



Apollo Brown & Ras Kass | Humble Pi | Official Music Video

Apollo Brown & Ras Kass | Humble Pi | Official Music Video

Produced by Apollo Brown | Directed by Jay Brown
After FX: Paul Mihailoff | Production Assistant: Sam McKenns
Executive Producers: Michael Tolle & Austin Hart

Mello Music Group, 2014
From the album Apollo Brown & Ras Kass "Blasphemy"


Shay Lia | prod.by KAYTRANADA | 3 months

website: www.3monthsexperience.com


Nike presents the newest revamp to Bo Jackon‘s signature sneaker with the Air Bo Jax 'White'. The trainer features an all-white upper with toe-trim and heel clip snakeskin accents along with hits of neon green. Stay tuned for an official release date.

Bipolar Sunshine Ft. Goldlink | Future | Part 1

Bipolar Sunshine has a growing rep for crafting soulful music with choruses that pound around your head for hours - but his new number sees things slowed down completely. The track features GoldLink - who's recieved love from Andre 3000 (present at the Old Blue Last for GoldLink's show), Kaytranada (produced one of GoldLink's tracks), Lil Simz (performed at GoldLink's OBL show) and Flying Lotus (booked GoldLink for support at XOYO) - and is pretty sleek and smooth.

We're guessing Part 2 will drop sometime during the near "future".